How Do Wireless Alarm Systems Work?

January 24th, 2022

An alarm system for your home or business in Grafton, OH is a great way to protect yourself, and the people or investments you care about. However, these days, modern alarm systems have made some important advances in both functionality, and operation.

One of the big changes to an alarm system in Grafton, OH is that now there are wireless options for home or business owners that want the security of an alarm system, but don’t necessarily want to install and run cabling throughout a building. So how does this work?

Sensor Placement

As with a wired system, a wireless alarm system is designed to monitor, detect and report breaks into points of entry for a building. This usually means providing alarm coverage and monitoring of areas like doors and windows, which are the most common points of intrusion for a home invasion.

As with a wired system, a wireless system does this by using sensors that are attached to the points of interest. Of course, being a wireless system, this means that these sensors run on battery power, rather than having a direct connection to the home’s electrical current to run.

Constant Coverage

Once sensor systems are in place, they constantly monitor the area of installation for any unauthorized breaks. Depending on the complexity of the system, this may mean you have a central control panel—or even app on your phone—that you use to manage the system, but there also usually options to interact with these units at the point of origin as well.

For example, if you want to open a window to a room you’re currently working in, you can disable the alarm at the source, to open the window, or you can use the control system to achieve the same result. This way, when you open the window, the alarm does not go off, and the police or a security response do not show up at your house just because you wanted to let the breeze in.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Today’s wireless alarm systems are also expandable. You don’t have to settle for monitoring the movement of doors and windows; there’s a lot more you can do if you want the extra protection. Motion sensors, for example, can be set up both inside and outside an alarm system to notify you when something is moving towards a window or door.

For even greater coverage, alarm systems and their areas of coverage can also be paired with security cameras. Now, not only do you have a notification when someone attempts to enter a home, you have footage as well that records important details like height, clothing and other identifiers crucial for investigation, apprehension, and prosecution.

Wireless alarm systems in Grafton, OH also have the benefit of being mobile. So even if you decide to move, or relocate your business to another venue, you don’t have to abandon your alarm system, you can bring it with you and simply reinstall it at your new location. It’s a cost-effective solution that brings peace of mind, but also makes your investments safer.