Trick or Treat! Halloween Safety for the Home

October 8th, 2020

The holidays are quickly approaching and with it, trick or treaters. Halloween is right around the corner, which means it is also that time of the year where you may need to re-evaluate your current home security protocols and update anything that may be a bit outdated.

Trick or Treat! Here is some Halloween safety for the home to keep in mind as we sail through the holidays.

Illuminate the Property

First, you want to make sure that your property is well lit. This eliminated hiding spots for potential burglars or vandals and makes it easier to have eyes on your property. If there are no shadows to hide in to make committing the crime easier, then the criminal will more often than not move onto a different and easier target.

Good lighting is also ideal for when trick or treaters stop by and can help eliminate the possibility of accidents while they are on your property. However, don't overload your electrical outlets and ensure that all outdoor lighting you use is well-grounded. Use low voltage security lights and only use covered electric outlets.

Clear Walkways

Next, you want to make sure all walkways and other areas of the property are clear and safe. The front yard area should be clean and clutter-free to prevent tripping and falling. Your car, outdoor equipment, and tools should be safely secured in the garage when possible. You also want to make sure all doors and windows are locked, including the garage doors and windows.

Jack-O-Lantern Safety

If you will be placing candles in jack-o-lanterns around your property, you want to keep them as far from your primary walkways as possible. This can help eliminate fire hazards. Instead of using a candle with an open flame, you may even want to opt for those small, battery-operated candles instead. This way, costumes, decorations, and props cannot come into contact with a flame and possibly start a fire.

Keep Pets Inside

Even if you aren't going to participate in neighborhood events or trick or treating, you want to keep your pets safe inside. Pets can spook easily on this kind of holiday and keeping them inside keeps them safe and away from the road and trick or treaters.

Check Your Home Security

Finally, check your other home security solutions, especially if you will be away on Halloween. Make sure all of your security cameras are in proper working order, and all your outdoor lighting is working as it should. Motion sensitive lights are also good to have and can alert your neighbors when you are away.

Remote access is always also handy to have. Even when you are home, an alert will be sent to your phone if anything suspicious happens or if one of your alarms is triggered. You can then check it out and call the authorities right away.

For more home security solutions that can prove to be helpful for this time of the year, contact your local security company for more information.