Lower Retail Theft Crimes By Simply Installing PVMs

February 13th, 2024

It is somehow not uncommon to read of incidences of retailers in Grafton, OH falling victims to organized retail theft crimes. In fact, data from the National Retail Federation reported that close to 90% of retailers across the United States experienced thefts in different forms costing millions and millions of dollars in losses. It is important to acknowledge that retail theft is slowly changing its dynamics. Some time back, retail robbers in Grafton, OH had a taste for expensive electronics which they would then easily cash on by selling them at an overwhelmingly cheap price in the black market. Nowadays, simple and everyday necessities are becoming a favorite for retail robbers. Reason? Products such as baby formula and laundry soaps are ever in demand and they are much easier to steal.

Retailers in Grafton, OH are faced with a hard dilemma on how they can offer their customers amazing shopping experience while not making it easy for their products to become a target of theft. Placing items behind locked sections might deter potential thieves. However, the downside of that approach it that it can diminish customers preference for the products. Electronic tags can also be subdued by using booster bags that can prevent them from triggering an alarm when being passed through checkpoints. Now that today's retail thieves are getting smarter as time passes, it is upon for Grafton retail owners to come up with strategies that can deliver effective deterrence.

Though CCTV surveillance is often viewed as the near perfect security monitoring system for many retail shops, still they don't offer enough deterrence. Many times surveillance tapes are handed over to law enforcement officers; it is often too late since the perpetrators disappear long before any feasible action can be taken. For retail owners who may feel that hope is lost in the war against retail theft, there could be some good news on the way thanks to a new simple-to-install and easy-to-operate technology that is gaining popularity. Public View Monitors (PVMs) can make criminals to thoughtfully engage their thoughts and think twice about any crime they may be planning to commit. PVMs comprise of an integrated network of screens and cameras that make it ideally possible to follow every step made by a potential "would be" retail thief.

Public View Monitors stream high-quality real images which shoppers (including the thieves) within a retail space can see. People who have an intent of illegally taking an item out of a retail store in Grafton, OH may show some guilt on their faces, and retail owners can use that simple psychological deterrent to prevent any possible item loss from a store. PVM systems work by silently telling the "would be" robbers that they are being watched and such factor can immensely reduce retail thefts by reasonable margins. Retail businesses in Grafton, OH which have PVMs systems installations do report lower incidences of item thefts than stores without such installations. If you are serious about reducing item losses and crime within your retail space, you should utterly consider installing PVMs.