Using Smart Home Technology to Monitor Your Teens

July 13th, 2022

With the internet, teens these days are more connected to the outside world and with this connection also comes the risks that are associated with the internet and social media. Many of these risks ultimately threaten the safety and security of your teen.

As they grow up craving more independence, it is important to have the right security solutions in place to encourage them to make better and wiser choices. It will also offer you more peace of mind as the parent knowing that your teen is safe.

The following are some smart home devices and technology that you can use to effectively monitor your teens.

Video Monitoring

This is a good way to monitor your teens and also hold them accountable if something happens. While they are old enough to stay home alone, you still want to be able to check in on them to make sure they are safe.

You can install security cameras at the front door as well as strategically place cameras indoors to monitor their activity at all times. If they have friends over, you can view the remote feed at any time to make sure that everything is okay.

However, when installing cameras, you want to keep them in common areas. Avoid placing cameras anywhere that threatens your teen's privacy like the bathroom and their bedroom. You want to respect their privacy while still keeping them safe.

Install Sensors

You may have some areas in the home that you want to restrict access to like the medicine cabinet, liquor cabinet, gun safe, or even your bedroom. You want to make sure that your teen cannot access these sensitive areas and you want them to learn that these areas are off-limits.

To do this, you can install sensors on the doors and cabinets to make sure that they follow the rules and don't infringe on restricted areas. If they do, you will be immediately notified when a sensor is activated, so you can check the video feed to see who is attempting to enter a restricted area.

Alarms and Locks

You can also install smart locks in your home to make sure that everything is secure at all times. How many times has your teen left the home quickly to make a practice or appointment and in their rush they forgot to lock the doors? With smart locks, you can remotely secure your home.

You will also receive mobile reminder alerts to notify you when your teen leaves and comes home and if the home is left unsecured. You simply use the mobile app to lock and unlock the doors and arm your security system when needed.

As you can see, there are many ways you can use smart home technology to protect your teen and secure your home. This is just a small offering of smart home technology you can use as well.

To learn more about the security solutions available to you in Grafton, OH, contact your local security company for more information.