How To Improve Retail Security

December 27th, 2022

The retail business in Grafton, OH can be an extremely lucrative one. This is especially true if it provides products that customers want and are actively looking for, along with making the right choices to attract those customers, such as having the right storefront.

But the challenge to any retail business in Grafton, OH is to provide an excellent customer experience. You want customers to return while at the same fighting against one of the most significant losses in retail, the risk of theft. Here are a few of the ways that your retail environment can be more secure and fight to shoplift.

Mirror Placement

It’s an old tactic but one that is low maintenance, low cost, and extremely useful for observant employees. Before security cameras, there were mirrors, allowing staff to see areas of the store that were blocked off from conventional vision. 

If a potential shoplifter knows that mirrors are in place and people are watching, this tends to discourage stealing. However, this does require a bit more attentiveness on the part of the staff.

Security Cameras

The upgrade from mirrors is, of course, modern security camera systems. Today’s systems are smaller, potentially wireless, easy to install, and if you’re willing to pay for it, capture images in high-quality ultra HD color. This means sharp, detailed images, and all of these camera views can be wired to a single monitor or computer.

Cameras are a very effective deterrent because not only do they provide the same coverage as mirrors because they are recording, they are also evidence. Camera footage can be handed over to police to aid an investigation, and if an arrest is made can be used in prosecution, so it’s an effective deterrent.

Monitoring Employees

Unfortunately, sometimes security measures need to be taken to prevent employee theft. Cameras positioned at the point of sale, or access control systems in the inventory room are two ways to reduce the possibility of employees stealing from you.

A camera on the point of sale also allows you to monitor employee-customer relations. You can see whether or not there is room for improvement in the ways your employees interact with and help your customers.

Door Signals

This is both a good way to remain alert to the possibility of theft as well as a simple way to be attentive to customer needs. Door signals are very cheap and should be in any retail environment, alerting staff to when someone has entered the store.

This way, if it’s a customer that needs help, staff immediately know that there is someone to serve, making for a better customer service experience. On the other hand, if someone was hoping to enter the premises unnoticed to steal, the door signal alerts staff to the presence of someone in the store, and they should stay alert, especially if that person doesn’t want help, tries to stay out of visual range, and tries to hide their actions.

If you have a retail business here in Grafton, OH and you want it to be safer, contact us. We can help evaluate your security situation and find ways to improve it.