Alibi Cloud VS Customer Success Stories DayGlo

August 5th, 2020

DayGlo’s multi-site business was growing. But, with that growth came new security challenges. Recent trespasser activity and acts of vandalism pushed management to find a reliable, 24/7 surveillance system that would meet their demands of their growing business. 

The Client 

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, DayGlo is the world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments. Since the 1950s, DayGlo has provided some of the biggest brands (like Tide, Raisin Bran, and Tyson) with bright, stand-out colors for their advertisements, packaging, and more.  

The Challenge 

Like many multi-location retail businesses, DayGlo struggled to keep up with the demands and complexities of overseeing a high demand product across multiple locations on a national level:  

  • Acts of vandalism. In recent years, DayGlo’s headquarters has become a historical landmark and a popular tourist destination in Cleveland. Unfortunately, it’s also become victim to vandalism and theft. Management required a more secure way to protect their assets, from a stolen mascot and several warehouse theft occurrences. 
  • Inadequate camera coverage. While some areas of their store were protected with an on-premise system, other vital areas, like the warehouse and backlot involving high employee traffic and delivery drop-offs, were not. Management needed the ability to remotely oversee product deliveries and the manufacturing process with high-resolution video.  
  • Multi-user management solution. With such a large staff and so many daily deliveries to manage, DayGlo owners needed a remote viewing strategy to keep tabs on multiple users at multiple locations from a centralized interface, as well as a way to verify who they are letting in visually. 

The Solution 

After considering several providers' options, they decided to replace their on-premise security system with Alibi’s Cloud VS platform because of its scalable, multi-site capabilities. They installed 13-4.0-Megapixel cloud bullet cameras in all of their most critical, key areas – all of which are ideally suited to provide Dayglo’s management with facial recognition, intrusion detection, and clear video.   

The Outcome 

Since the camera-to-cloud install, DayGlo’s company is protected and secure on a storewide and nationwide level. When daily deliveries arrive in any one of their warehouses, they can remote access into a centralized interface, verify who they are letting in and grant one-time access into the building. Cloud VS’s flexible scalability features allow them to increase or decrease their storage, cameras, and users at a moment’s notice. They now have the peace of a fully scalable off-premise video security solution that secures their fast-growing, multi-site business.   


High Definition Cloud Cameras 

Camera Type

4 MP Cloud-Enabled Starlight Bullet Cameras

Cameras per Location 


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